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Brand Ambassador Guide

Become a Brand Ambassador because you're a Mood Boho Style Starter!

Goal - Raise brand awareness and increase sales of Mood Boho fashion accessories.

Here are the steps to becoming a Mood Boho Brand Ambassador:

  • Follow @MoodBohoOfficial on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Email and mention that you want to become a Brand Ambassador for Mood Boho. 
  • You will receive a custom discount code for $20 off your purchase (minimum 2 items to use the discount).
    • i.e.
  • You can use the same code to circulate to your followers. We will be able to track engagement and how many of your followers bought products. 
  • Based on volume, you will qualify for additional bonus incentives including free products and additional discounts for you and your followers.  
  • Once you receive the product, you must represent the brand positively, enthusiastically, and credibly.
  • Wear product and post 2-3 times per week tagging @MoodBohoOfficial #MoodBohoOfficial
  • Write reviews and ratings on social media platforms. (E.g., Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogs, PR Articles, etc.)
  • Promote increased engagement on social media platforms. (E.g., Join subscriber email list on website, Be an opinion leader in community; Refer friends/family, Word-of-Mouth marketing support, Contributor pieces for newsletter)
  • Promote online events and support marketing campaigns and Instagram posts from @MoodBohoOfficial and use #MoodBohoOfficial.
  • Create unique content. (E.g., Boomerang video, Facebook Live, Product demo video, etc.)
  • Offer insight and feedback on products or potential customer segments.
  • Help build and grow Mood Boho contact base and relationships. (E.g., Refer friends/ family)
  • Support the goals and values of the Mood Boho brand and tag #MoodBohoOfficial.
  • Suggested Hash Tags: #MoodBohoOfficial #bracelet #ring #necklace #bohobracelets #bohostyle #bohochic #boho #boholife #fashionaccessories #moodboho #mood #styleblogger #inspiration #jewelry #designerjewelry

We are excited to be offering this program to you! We hope you are as excited to be a part of the Mood Boho family as we are on this journey together! 

Thank you,

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